SHOULDER PACK-I (Product Code : 1438)

Product Size : Universal

The pack has been designed to provide a one-stop infection prevention solution for shoulder surgeries such as arthroscopies or rotator cuff repair. It comprises our high-quality surgical drapes, covers, adhesive tape strips and other prerequisites for ensuring a sterile surgical environment.

  • Tear-resistant, abrasion-free and resistant to strikethrough from alcohol
  • Drapes have steadfast, skin-friendly adhesion along with fluid control feature
  • Secure attachments for lines and tubes enable your team to perform seamlessly
  • Optional fabric reinforcement to minimise instrument slippage and manage fluid run-off
  • Low-linting fabrics to reduce the risk of aerial transmission of bacteria in the operating room
AShoulder Split Drape 150 x 250 cms. 6 cms. Conformation Fenestration1
BBody Split Drape 225 x 300 cms. 25 x 65 cms. Adhesive Split1
CImpervious Split Drape 140 x 175 cms. 10 x 50 cms. U Cut Adhesive Split1
DImpervious Stockinette 30 x 100 cms.1
EHand Towel 30 x 35 cms.4
FMayo Stand Cover 80 x 145 cms. 70 x 80 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement1
GAdhesive Tape Strip 9 x 51 cms.1
HBack Table Cover 140 x 190 cms. 60 x 150 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement1

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