Plain Drape (Product Code : 1251-1261)

Product Size : Small - Medium - Large - X Large

With a huge experience of around two decades in designing the drapes required by our clients, we have gained expertise in manufacturing superior quality products using cutting-edge technology. Our Plain drape is developed to minimise the risk of wound contamination by isolating the sterile zone from the contaminated areas.

  • Manufactured with non-woven, five-layered SMMMS fabric, ensuring high barrier performance
  • Flame resistant for use around lasers and other electrical instruments
  • Tear-resistant, abrasion-free and impervious to strikethrough from alcohol, with secure attachment for line and tubes
  • Low linting property to reduce the risk of aerial transmission of microbes in the operating room
  • Reinforced fabric to minimise instrument slippage and manage fluid run-off
  • Armboard covers to provide additional coverage during the surgery
S.NOProduct CodeSizeSpecification
A1251Small75x90 cms.
B1252Small75x90 cms. with Adhesive
C1254Medium100x150 cms.
D1255Medium100x150 cms. with Adhesive
E1257Large150x200 cms.
F1258Large150x200 cms. with Adhesive
G1261X-large190x240 cms. with Adhesive

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