Laparotomy Pack I (Product Code : 1212)

Product Size : Universal

Laparotomy is the surgery of abdomen to gain access to the abdominal cavity and to examine internal organs.

Surgeine Healthcare provides drapes understanding procedure requirements and offers maximum ductility of surgical mechanics.

AMayo Stand Cover 60x140 cms 50x60 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement1
BTransverse Laprotomy Drape 195x300x250 cms. 10x30 cms. Adhesive Fenestration1
Utility Drape with Adhesive 50x75 cms.
DSuture Bag 20x30 cms.1
EBack Table Cover 140x200 cms.2 Ply, PE absorbent reinforcement1
FHand Towel 35x35 cms.4

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