Cystoscopy Drape (Product Code : 1511 - 1512)

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Guide To The Best Cystoscopy Drape Today

We provide high-quality surgical and medical products. All our products and offerings are a class apart from the ones that are available in the market. Healthcare in this current century has taken a new turn. Moreover, we believe in providing the best healthcare mechanisms to enhance the quality of life. Get the best Cystoscopy Drape for urological procedures in your hospital or clinic today.

Address Urological Procedures Uninhibited

You need to be well-equipped during certain medical procedures. It is not only about you, but the patient as well. Urological procedures comprise Cystoscopy, Vasectomy, Orchiopexy, and Vasectomy. Our Cystoscopy Drape is designed with dexterity and expertise. Moreover, it meets all the international standards in the market. You will find our drapes to be resistant to fluids and tearing.

Additionally, our drapes are flexible. You will get them in many sizes as well. Now, you can offer the best services at your hospital and clinic. There are a few more qualities that act as differentiators.

More Features Of Cystoscopy Drape

You will be amazed to know that our drapes are flame-resistant. Moreover, we have marked the fabric structure, for the right folds and drapes. You can securely attach it, while performing the urological procedures. Other than the above, the lint release is also low. Thus, it is able to prevent any cross-contamination near the cut or tear. This aims to lessen the transport of bacteria to the site. The fabric is reinforced, to stop any fluid leakage or run-off.

You will get a full range of T-shaped drapes from us. We are the leaders in manufacturing and distribution of such drapes in the medical fraternity. Make your patient comfortable as well. Utilize the best means to provide your patients that comfort they deserve. Get quality material from us.

1511Cystoscopy Drape150x200 cms. 8x12 cms. Fenestration 27x22 Screen
1512Cystoscopy Drape180x220x250 cms. with Leggings 8x12 cms. Fenes. 27x22 Screen

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