Craniotomy T Drape Incise area with Pouch & Port (Product Code : 1612)

Product Size : Universal

Surgeine Healthcare Drapes offer the optimal combination of characteristics to meet the specific demands of Neurology. Surgeine drapes are made with heavy-duty fabric, designed for safety and convenience, with fabric Reinforcement for fluid management with following features:

– Maximal grade for flame resistance for use around lasers and other electrical instruments.
– Simple, flexible, easy-to-use designs.
– Adaptable for multiple procedures.
– Fabric resistance against strikethrough and abrasion, with secure attachment for lines and tubes prevents from falling below the sterile field.
– Low-lint generation to reduce the risk of airborne bacterial devolution.

1612Craniotomy T Drape Incise area with Pouch & Port195x225x320 cms. 30x20 cms.

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