CARDIO SPLIT PACK-I (Product Code : 1303)

Product Size : Universal

Surgeine Healthcare endows the potency, versatility, and maestros required in cardiovascular surgery drapes. The surgical OT drapes fabricated by Surgeine are made with heavy-duty textile with re-inforcement for control of fluids, in fenestrations and which may eliminate the need for costly drape layering and hence designed for safety and convenience of surgeons and also of patients.

ACardiovascular Split Drape 225 x 350 x 300 cms. 64 x 210 cms. Adhesive Split with pouches1
BPerineal Drape 195 x 240 cms.1
CUtility Drape with Adhesive 50 x 75 cms.1
DHand Towel 30 x 35 cms.1
EFoot Cover1
FMayo Stand Cover 80 x 145 cms. 70 x 80 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement1
GAdhesive Tape Strip 9 x 51 cms.1
HX-Large Back Table Cover 200 x 250 cms. 100 x 200 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement1

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