C-SECTION PACK-I (Product Code : 1903)

Product Size : Universal

Surgeine drapes are developed to protect surgeons and patients.

For general surgery procedures, Surgeine drapes offer maximum flexibility for surgical procedures. Designed for safety and convenience, resistant to tearing, strikethrough from alcohol and other solutions and abrasion, with secure attachment for line and tubes.

+ Lower lint than other drapes to reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission.

+ Also added option of fabric reinforcements designed to reduce instrument slippage and control fluid run-off.

AC-Section Drape 195 x 300 x 250 cms. 30 x 60 cms. incise Fenes. with 3600 Pouch1
BYankaur Suction Handle1
CSuction Tubing 2.5 meters1
DBaby Blanket 60 x 90 cms.1
EHand Towel 30 x 35 cms.1
FGauge Swap 10 x 10 cms. 8 Ply1
GCord Clamp1
HBulb Syringe 60 ml.1
IAdhesive Tape Strip 9 x 51 cms.1
JMayo Stand Cover 80 x 145 cms. 70 x 80 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement1
KBack Table Cover 140 x 190 cms. 60 x 150 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement1

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