Due to the constant changes in urological procedures, bringing in new technology is now the need of the hour. We make sure we manufacture our urology drapes with the latest generation technology and superior quality fabrics to maintain pace with advancements in the medical field and ensure patient safety with reduced risk of contamination.

We provide a comprehensive selection of urology drapes across the lines of Pediatric Urology, Female Urology, Neurology, Male Infertility, Renal Transplantation, Urinary Tract Stones and Cancer.

Our Urology drapes have specialized properties to meet your demands of infection control and therefore we are known for our reliability in the industry. We invest our efforts in precision and manufacture drapes with features like fluid-control, dependable adhesion, abrasion-free and low linting mechanism. The drapes designed by our experts are strong, flexible and convenient to help you cover your infection control objectives.

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