We ensure our vision of optimum sterilization meets your objective of patient and staff safety. Our team brings to you an all-inclusive range of neurology drapes covering the surgical requirements of the peripheral, vegetative and central nervous system. Due to the complexities involved in neurosurgeries, we manufacture our products to provide strength, flexibility and convenience during the procedures.

Our Neuro & EENT drapes aim to protect the sterile field from the risk of infection during such prolonged surgeries. We provide specialized drapes to minimize the number of postoperative wound infections from the spread of bacteria and ensure patient safety.

The single-use disposable neurology drapes made by us are designed to achieve maximum protection against infections in all types of surgical procedures specific to this field. Our Neuro & EENT Drapes are highly impermeable, abrasion-resistant, tear-free and flame-resistant making them the right fit for such delicate surgeries. We give utmost importance to using a high-grade material which is soft and easy on the skin, conforming to international standardizations.

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