Considering the complexities involved in cardiovascular procedures, we have designed our drapes to help you operate without any odds of infection. Our drapes are manufactured to maintain high barrier protection during such prolonged surgeries and assure patient and surgeon safety. We manufacture cartiovascular & angiography drapes with lint-free materials that are effective in preventing the bacteria to invade the surgical area and also maintain air circulation during the long surgical hours. These drapes help ensure optimal level sterilization with their absorbent property, fabric reinforcement, and conformable fenestration.

Considering the requirements of different kinds of cardiovascular surgeries, we have customized cartiovascular & angiography drapes into various sizes and specifications. In addition to bacterial prevention, our drapes also prevent the permeability of blood and other fluids during the procedure.

Our high-quality drapes are soft, light and non-irritating, dependable to ensure comfort during the surgery. The fabric used in these drapes is strong enough to resist any kind of heat or flame, making them favourable to be used around lasers and electrical instruments.

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