We realize your priority of hygiene control and safety from health-care acquired infections (HCAI) and contamination during surgeries. The years of experience gained by our experts, help them design drapes which are reliable, convenient and comfortable for varied surgical procedures. These drapes are developed with certain paramount properties to provide a high barrier from surgical infections.

In addition, these drapes are strikethrough resistant, thus isolating the wound from certain bodily fluids. The fluid control feature of our drapes keeps the patient dry and reduces the risk of wound contamination. These drapes are designed with attached fluid collection pouches, dependable for a wide range of surgeries.

To ensure comfort and flexibility in the operation theatre, we develop our drapes with a non-woven and fabric and a laminated plastic film, imported from trusted vendors. Manufactured with a five-layered SMMMS fabric, these drapes are resistant to flame, abrasion, linting and any form of wear and tear.

Cardiovascular & Angiography

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