Surgical Gowns

Our surgical gown is known for their excellent properties of flexibility, comfort and safety. Keeping in mind varied requirements of surgeons we offer surgical gowns in three different styles and various sizes, using a combination of various fabrics, each with distinctive properties as regards end use, protection and comfort.

We do not skimp on use of materials and in each size, the proportions of chest, shoulder, arms and waist are given generous allowances to allow comfort, freedom of movement and good fit. Each gown has a velcro neck closure for easy adjustment to any neck size while offering total seal against fluid splashes at the front due to gapless construction.

The outstanding protective feature of our surgical gowns is that all seams are ultrasonically welded for absolute protection and strength. Another feature is the use of low lint materials to reduce risk of contaminating open wounds or the atmosphere in the operation room. A third feature is that we use materials with inherent low flammability characteristics conforming to CPSC16CF part 1610 standards.

Surgical gowns carrying our brand conform to AAMI and EN13795 standards for surgical gowns.

This type of surgical gown is made of four layer fabric for maximum protection against ingress of bacteria, virus and fluids. The outermost layers are liquid repellant spunbond fabric with the two inner layers comprised of meltblow layers.

Extreme comfort, breathability, AAMI Level 2 protection with single layer and AAMI Level 3 protection with PE enforced fabrics are features of this superior gown that allows ease of use, comfort and full protection.


Made of polyester reinforced cellulose non woven (Spunlace). The extreme softness provide cloth feel and a good level of comfort. Earns AAMI Level 2 protection and AAMI Level 3 Protection with PE Reinforcement.


Made from High Performance, Light Weight, Soft (ARAS) Alcohol Repellent & Anti Static SMMMS fabric. High Repellence Protects against low surface tension liquids such as blood, body fluids and alcohol. Best in class Tensile, Tear and Burst strength and Virtually Lint free. Excellent combination of safety and comfort, cut wider in the chest and sleeves for better fit. Standard Gown exceed Level 3 protection under AAMI norms.


Disposable Reinforced Surgical Gown is especially designed for the medical personnel using in operation. The Disposable Surgical Gown is made from a durable, poly-reinforced, low linting material for optimal performance. Extra long length and knit cuffs make the Impervious Surgical Gown ideal for emergency rooms, trauma centers, burn units and critical care units.
Weight 35 Gsm Disposable Gowns, Waterproof Surgical Gowns Class-II Surgeon Gown Sterile


Microcare surgical gowns comprise of microporous breathable layer encased between two soft fabric layers for high vapour permeability while serving as a barrier against liquids, bacteria and viruses like HIV, SARS, Avian and Spine flu. Microcare gowns offer AAMI Level 4 protection. These gowns are available in four different types.