SURGEINE HEALTHCARE has a strong market base for its Single use surgical disposables in established markets. With the setting up of new production unit, the company announced plans to widen its reach.

SURGEINE HEALTHCARE announced marketing plans and tie ups with partners in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Africa. Said a spokesman announcing the marketing plans, “Production constraint no longer is a worry since we have a new production unit of 10000 square feet in place and we are now well placed to cater to any quantity requirement from any corner of the world. Besides, with volume production and bulk sales, we should be able to offer a competitive price to make it profitable for our distributors.”

SURGEINE HEALTHCARE’s surgical disposables and operation room wears has already earned the company a name for reliability and affordable pricing. Bulk production will now help the company improve quality as well as maintain prices since it will be sourcing raw materials in bulk and faster production translates to lower costs according to the company representative. Whether it is Europe, Africa, Great Britain or Asia, the company has always supplied the most reliable products manufactured to ISO 14644-1 and ISO 13485 standards. It will assure the same high quality products and affordable prices to buyers in Brazil and other key thrust areas. “One world, one brand, one quality,” is our watchword said the spokesman.

The company is in active negotiations with top importers and distributors in the countries mentioned above and arrangements should be finalized soon. We have geared up production in anticipation of bulk orders and expect to meet requirements in all these key areas, said the representative.

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