SURGEINE HEALTHCARE, a well established manufacturer of Surgical Disposables for Hospitals and healthcare institutions, is on an expansion spree following the tremendous success of its products.

SURGEINE HEALTHCARE announced the setting up of a new production facility covering 10000 square feet with class 8 cleanroom conditions. SURGEINE HEALTHCARE is known for absolutely reliable single use surgical solutions for medical and healthcare facilities. It follows EN 13795 and ISO 13485 standards in its existing production facilities and the new production unit of 10,000 square feet will have even better and more stringent facilities in place to assure highest levels of cleanliness and sterility of its products. SURGEINE HEALTHCARE goes beyond maintaining clean rooms to totally sanitizing all its equipments as well as ensuring that workers follow defined codes of dress and process regulations. While it has its own set of testing equipments and standards, SURGEINE HEALTHCARE also implements ETO sterilizing methods to ensure that all its products are absolutely free of viruses, bacteria, pathogens and spores.

The new production unit of 10000 square feet will have a modern packaging unit with the latest equipments according to a spokesman of the company. As in its existing unit, the new unit will have class 8 cleanroom standards and appropriate certification. When the new unit goes on stream in a short time, SURGEINE HEALTHCARE will be better placed to reach out to more markets across Asia, Europe, America and South America. Since it follows cGMP processes, its products will be universally acceptable.

“SURGEINE HEALTHCARE stands for quality, trust and reliability. It is a matter of life and we have never compromised and never will,” said the spokesman. The new unit will set standards in Operation room wears and surgical disposable for the medical industry.

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