We have designed our gowns with new generation technology to meet your objective of infection prevention and sterility assurance. With deep-rooted experience in providing healthcare solutions to prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAI), we engineer safe, reliable and convenient products. Our comprehensive line of surgical gowns is available in an array of sizes, developed using a combination of fabrics with a focus on protection and comfort.

We manufacture our gowns conforming to international standards of quality control such as AAMI and EN13795 to cover your demand for patient and staff safety. These gowns act as a barrier to isolate the sterile environment from contamination, thus reducing the risk of infection. Each gown is designed with a velcro neck to facilitate closure and easy adjustment across various sizes.

For the effective control of fluid splashes during the surgical procedures, our gowns’ seams are ultrasonically welded and provide complete protection and strength. With a continuous focus on infection prevention, our gowns are made with high-quality fabric which prevents linting, thus reducing the risk of wound contamination from the aerial transmission of microbes. Our gowns, adhering to CPSC16CF part 1610 standards are also flame-resistant and safe to wear around lasers and electrical equipment.


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