Considering your concern about complete patient safety from hospital-acquired infections (HAI) and a contamination-free environment, our experts have curated a comprehensive line of packs/kits to meet your requirements. These packs include assortments of our surgical gowns, drapes, covers and other essentials needed to maintain sterility from nosocomial infections. To address the hygiene-related challenges on the surgical site, the products in these packs are developed with high-quality fabric which is reliable and convenient for a wide range of surgical procedures.

Our designs are focused on patient and staff safety, thus are developed by our team of experts using cutting-edge technology. These packs/kits are dependable and can be customised according to your demands. Owing to an experience of almost two decades our products can be a prudent choice to fight the battle against growing surgical site infections (SSI) and providing safe and hygienic healthcare support.

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