At Surgeine, our products are designed with a mission of infection prevention and quality control with an optimal level of sterilization. With the involvement of expert minds and cutting-edge technology, we manufacture a wide-ranging line of surgical drapes for varied surgical procedures. Our surgical drapes are reliable and convenient in isolating the sterile areas from non-sterile sites preventing the wound from microbial contamination.

In addition, our extensive range of drapes is resistant to strikethrough, thus providing the feature of fluid management. The fluid control feature of our drapes not only keeps the patient dry but also reduces exposure to infectious bodily fluids. These drapes also come with attached fluid collection pouches, making them highly convenient during prolonged surgeries and delicate procedures.

These drapes developed by our professionals are made using rugged fabric and can easily take the weight of heavy instruments during surgeries. Our drapes are non-woven and laminated to a plastic film ensuring comfort, convenience and flexibility in the operating room. Moreover, these drapes are made using robust materials which are flame-resistant, abrasion-free and prevent the fabric form linting hence reducing infection risk.

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