ISI Mark Disposable Surgical Gowns and Drapes

The Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS is the National Standard Body of Government of India, established under the BIS Act 2016 for standardization, marking and Quality certification. And ISI mark certifies that the product quality  conforms to an Indian standard developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Recently BIS started the process for ISI mark of disposable surgical gowns and surgical drapes in India.

The BIS give ISI certification for Disposable Medical textiles like Surgical gowns and Surgical Drapes As Per IS 17334:2019, In India 1st BIS License for manufacturing of medical textiles – Surgical Gowns and Surgical Drapes is awarded to Surgeine Healthcare India Private Limited.  Now the disposable surgical gown and surgical drapes manufactured by Surgeine Healthcare adheres to the Indian standards specified by the BIS. The certification assures that the ISI marked product verifies its quality to its customers and Surgeine Healthcare has always been one of the most quality conscious manufacturer for this category in India.

For buying  ISI Marked Disposable Surgical Gowns and Surgical Drapes as per IS:17334, please contact Surgeine Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.