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As a pioneer in transforming global healthcare, we are rethinking, redefining, and reinventing and advancing human civilization by providing high-quality healthcare to every person touched by our products.

Looking ahead, we leverage our past experiences to create beneficial medical solutions that protect people while also providing long-term value to our customers. Our Main Export Market(S) is Africa, East Asia, and Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East & North Africa, South Asia

Hence, you can contact us for distributorship & single-use disposables like covid 19 products etc. To contact a representative or to arrange a callback, kindly do any of the following:

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Learn more about Surgeine Healthcare and how we can assist you:
Address: AB-4, IInd Floor, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi – 110088, INDIA
Desk Phone: +91 11 2747 7700, +91 11 2747 7701, +91 11 2747 7702
Whatsapp: +91 9350 990 935
For general inquiries: contact- info[at]

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    Moreover, If you cannot locate the information you require or wish to report an error or a fault with the Surgeine Healthcare website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team via email.

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    If you’re having trouble accessing member-only content, products, or services, please visit our website chat help section.

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    SURGEINE HEALTHCARE welcomes any feedback you have about the organization, whether positive or negative.

    Besides, we also welcome complaints about SURGEINE HEALTHCARE that you wish to investigate and address. We take all complaints seriously and listen to you if you are unhappy with our services; we need to know about any errors.

    Reactions in general

    We also welcome any improvement suggestions. Your feedback must be relevant to SURGEINE HEALTHCARE. Send complaints to info[at]

    Complaint within 15 days of purchase. SURGEINE HEALTHCARE corporate development team handles the complaints personally.

    Therefore, We will acknowledge within 24 hours and respond within 14 working days. We will then respond fully within 28 business days. If more time is needed to address your concerns fully, we will keep you informed. We will notify you of the outcome and any lessons learned or actions taken by SURGEINE HEALTHCARE.

    Then, you may appeal the outcome of your complaint by writing to the SURGEINE HEALTHCARE director of corporate development.

    So, appeal within 21 days of notification of the decision. Requests are accepted at the discretion of SURGEINE HEALTHCARE and by an impartial third party. We will inform you in writing.

    The SURGEINE HEALTHCARE protects its employees from harassment and bullying. SURGEINE HEALTHCARE staff are here to help and should always be treated with respect.

    Dissatisfaction with online goods or services

    The ODR platform can help resolve disputes between customers who bought goods or services online from us. Its goal is to help consumers and online merchants resolve disputes amicably. Feedback or complaints can be sent to info [at]

    For further questions concerning a member’s conduct while representing or conducting SURGEINE HEALTHCARE business, call the SURGEINE HEALTHCARE Code of Conduct Support Line.

    Service that helps SURGEINE HEALTHCARE members address their concerns and the impact of their actions.

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    All inbound and outbound emails are scanned for viruses, phishing scams, and profanity. The SURGEINE HEALTHCARE reserves the right to examine and copy any email for compliance, security, and audit purposes.