Male reproductive organs and female urinary system, its functions, diseases and surgery referred to as Urology. As a medical branch, it has its other sub-classifications in Paediatric Urology, Female Urology, Neurology, Male infertility, renal transplantation, urinary tract stones and cancer. To be a Proficient urologist, one needs to have additional knowledge gynaecology, paediatrics and also medicine.

Since urological methods are constantly changing, traditional urological procedures have gradually been replaced with new generation’s methods. Technology has mostly created refinements and revolutionised the urinary tract stones therapy that works in conjunction with the extracorporeal lithotripters and ultimately most renal problems have now obsolete.

As a surgical procedure it falls by default that much care is taken while it pro and precedes. Nothing is left to chance as all equipment and tool are checked and confirmed for functionality and safety. Drapes are one of the tools required for urological procedures and sure enough, they are specified. This is to mean not all kind of drapes can be used in this surgery type hence only urological drapes acceptable.

Urological drapes are specified to handle and manage the large amounts of fluids during the procedure. The drapes are to maintain a safe environment for the workers. Using the specified drapes makes procedures preparation easy and also come in handy incase of a quick turnaround of procedures.

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