Our globally acclaimed surgical gowns have been designed to meet the evolving infection control challenges in surgical procedures. Putting surgeon safety at the top, these gowns are manufactured according to international standards of infection control and quality control using only the best materials. They provide flexibility, comfort and safety, enabling the delivery of quality healthcare.

Available in three different variants and varied sizes, the gowns are manufactured with generous proportions that enable high comfort, breathability, and ease of movement. They come with Velcro-based necks that make them easy to close and adjust no matter what the size.

The ultrasonically welded seams of our gowns provide high barrier protection through a gapless construction while barricading fluid splashes. The low linting materials used in our gowns prevent the aerial transmission of microorganisms, protecting the atmosphere and the wound from contamination.

Additionally, our products are made of fire-resistant materials, conforming to CPSC16CF part 1610 standards along with conformity to AAMI and EN 13795 standards.

Surgical gowns carrying our brand conform to AAMI and EN13795 standards for surgical gowns.

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