Tyvek Reels

  • Tyvek Reels
Tyvek Reels (Product Code : SR600)

Product Size : Universal

Tyvek is a best adapted medical grade unique material for the stable packaging classification. It is known for its outstanding strength, toleration and implodes resistance. Considered as one of the best for industrial use in EO and Gamma sterilization, Tyvek is also useful for hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization in healthcare institutions.


Shadow Shadow

1 50  mm x 70 Meters SR60050200T
2 75  mm x 70 Meters SR60075200T
3 100  mm x 70 Meters SR60100200T
4 150  mm x 70 Meters SR60150200T
5 200  mm x 70 Meters SR60200200T
6 250  mm x 70 Meters SR60250200T
7 300  mm x 70 Meters SR60300200T
8 350  mm x 70 Meters SR60350200T
9 400  mm x 70 Meters SR60400200T


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