Guested Reels

  • Guested Reels
Guested Reels (Product Code : 2021-2024)

Product Size : Universal

Guested heat-sealing/ self-sealing sterilization reels are ubiquity packaging solution for sterilization applications. With assuring reliable and emphatic protection of the medical instruments against fouling with bacteria from the time of sterilization until the use of medical instruments. Comes with clean and accurate color change indicators. An effective fiber-free opening and immaculate presentation.


Shadow Shadow

60 GSM  70 GSM
1 55+25  mm x 100 Meters SR60055100G  SR70055100G
2 75+25  mm x 100 Meters SR60075100G SR70075100G
3 100+25  mm x 100 Meters SR60100100G SR70100100G
4 150+50  mm x 100 Meters SR60150100G SR70150100G
5 200+55  mm x 100 Meters SR60200100G SR70200100G
6 250+60  mm x 100 Meters SR60250100G SR70250100G
7 300+65  mm x 100 Meters SR60300100G SR70300100G
8 350+70  mm x 100 Meters SR60350100G SR70350100G
9 400+75  mm x 100 Meters SR60400100G SR70400100G
10 500+80  mm x 100 Meters SR60500100G SR70500100


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