Sterilization Wraps

  • Sterilization Wraps
Sterilization Wraps (Product Code : 2001-2006)

Product Size : Universal

Surgeine wraps are ideal for linen packs, gowns, single basins and another light to Heavy weight and size of surgical packs and trays.
Surface: - It has a smooth surface pattern that allows adhesive tape to stick better, providing a strong seal.
Strength: - Stronger material supplies more resistance to punctures and tears that keep packaged contents sterile.
Anti-Static: - It has a coating that prevents workers from repeated static “shocks” while wrapping. It also works as a safety precaution against oxygen-rich OR environments.
Drapeability: - Wrap provided by Surgeine allows wrapped items to be tightly packed, which reduces the chance of external contamination to penetrate through gaps.
Permeability: - Gaseous Sterilants allows steam and Ethylene oxide sterilization compatible.
Low Linting: - Low linting reduces the risk of operating theater contamination. 
Packaging: - They are packed in international standard cartons and we label them with all information regarding color, size & type. Our packaging prevents items from dust particulate and makes their identification easy. 


Shadow Shadow

S. No. Pcs. per Box Sizes (cm)
A 2000 pcs. 30x30 cm.
B 1200 pcs. 38x38 cm.
C 1200 pcs. 45x45 cm.
D 1000 pcs. 50x50 cm.
E 1000 pcs. 60x60 cm.
F 500 pcs. 75x75 cm.
G 300 pcs. 90x90 cm.
H 250 pcs. 100x100 cm.
I 250 pcs. 120x120 cm.
J 150 pcs. 135x135 cm.


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