Heat Seal Gusseted Pouches

  • Heat Seal Gusseted Pouches
Heat Seal Gusseted Pouches (Product Code : SPHS)

Product Size : Universal

Heat seal gusseted pouch Manufactured from Medical grade paper, Available in gusseted for more room inside the pouch, with three ribbed side seals, Chevron shaped end to assist easy opening, printed with Class 1 process indicators. Gusseted Packaging is available for both Pouches and in Rolls.


Shadow Shadow

1 100 X 150  SPHS100150G
2 150 X 300 SPHS150300G
3 150 X 380 SPHS150380G
4 200 X 300 SPHS200300G
5 250 X 380 SPHS250380G
6 300 X 450 SPHS300450G
7 400 X 500 SPHS400500G

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