Crepe Paper Sterilization Wraps

  • Crepe Paper Sterilization Wraps
Crepe Paper Sterilization Wraps (Product Code : SWCP)

Product Size : Universal

Made using environmentally permissive cellulose material derived from wood pulp, dispossess skin sensitivity issues associative with oily residues in plastic wrappers, excellent bacterial barrier for both airborne and waterborne contaminations, Exceptional Tensile Strength in wet or dry state, can be use with ETO, steam, gamma or E-Beam sterilization method.  


Shadow Shadow

1 50  cms. x 50  cms. SWCP050050B
2 60  cms. x 60 cms. SWCP060060B
3 75  cms. x 75 cms. SWCP075075B
4 90  cms. x 90 cms. SWCP090090B
5 100  cms. x 100 cms. SWCP100100B
6 120  cms. x 120 cms. SWCP120120B
7 130  cms. x 150 cms. SWCP130150B


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