Quality Assurance

just a brief overview

Maintaining a high quality for manufacturing of products is never easy. Quality never happens from any accidental incident. It is always a consequence of high hopes and responsibility.

  • A well organized quality assuring system characterizes every manufacturing and procurement procedure fulfilling the needs of internal use and International Biological standards.
  • An extensive series of physical, chemical and biological testing is encouraged under the WHO, GMP and ISO specifications. 
  • The quality management system of every process at Surgeine healthcare is well defined and maintained as per the standards of ISO 9001:2008.
  • Along with this, the medical quality management system (MAOS) is also certified as per ISO 13485:2012.
  • For production of hospital and other surgical disposables, the non woven fabric is specially imported from Europe. The use of high quality fabric which is made of non toxic and fully sterilized material constitutes for a trusted product. The air permeability and liquid replant are other two more factors that ensure the matchless traits in the manufacturing of disposables.
  • A promised delivery in time as per the demands of the clients with characteristic services for envelope and parcel folding safeguards the whole development.


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