Surgical Gown Specility (Product Code : 1087-1090)

Product Size : Small - Medium - Large - X Large

Specility gowns are based on our advanced fabric technology – a layer of strong, thin microporous breathable film between two soft, cloth-like fabric layers to allow vapourtopass easily through while keeping you cooland providing protection from blood and body fluids.

Acting as an excellent barrier against viruses causing infectious diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis, SARS, avian & swine influenza

Earns AAMI level-4 protection with a single layer of Specility fabric.

S.NO Product Code Size Specification
A 1087 Small Standard Surgical Gown
B 1088 Medium Standard Surgical Gown
C 1089 Large. Standard Surgical Gown
D 1090 X-Large Standard Surgical Gown

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