Our Infrastructure

just a brief overview

Building the infrastructure which is good for environmental and public health remains the most favourable part in for any company. Our infrastructure is the biggest asset to the organisation.

  • Spread over the vast area of _______, the three manufacturing units assemble the vast infrastructure of Surgeins Healthcare 
  • Compiled according to the WHO-GMP standards and requirements for cleanliness.
  • We maintain 100K clean atmosphere as per the ISO standards in Class 8.
  • Equipped with specialized imported machinery installed to gain the authentic moulding and extrusion of components to high precision, the units are helpful in producing the quality stock.
  • The designing group is armed with latest software enabling the manufacturing of customized products as per the said specifications.
  • Number of procedures is laid down to assure the elementary testing of the products in our world class in-house laboratories. 
  • Mature technology opens up better assembly and packaging prospects guaranteeing impeccable delivery.
  • The in-house sterilization facility is validated to sterile the surgical related equipments as per ISO 11135 standards.

We make sure that the production facilities are renewed according to the latest industry trends and demands to accomplish the customer requirements.

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