UNIVERSAL PACK -6 (Product Code : 1206)

Product Size : Universal

General Surgery Pack from Surgeine Healthcare contains surgeon's gowns, plain drapes and table covers which can be used as a universal draping arrangement for common surgical exercises.


Surgeine drapes are evolved to give surgeons and patients protection which is reliable and simplified.


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S. No. Description QTY
A Mayo Stand Cover 60x140 cms 50x60 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement 1 pc.
B Top Drape 125x275 cms. 3 Ply, Absorbent + PE Film + Nonwoven 1 pc.
C Side Drape 100x160 cms.  3 Ply, Absorbent + PE Film + Nonwoven 2 pc.
D Bottom Drape 195x195 cms. 3 Ply, Absorbent + PE Film + Nonwoven 1 pc.
E Suture Bag 20x30 cms. 1 pc.
F Back Table Cover 140x200 cms.2 Ply, Absorbent+PE Film 1 pc.
G Hand Towel 35x35 cms. 4 pc.
H Surgical Gown Non Reinforced, Large with 2 Hand Towels each 2 pc.


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