SURGICAL GOWN COMFORTO (Product Code : 1021-1038)

Product Size : small - medium - large - X-large - XX-Large

Comforto is made of polyester reinforced cellulose non woven (Spunlace). It has extreme softness that allows the user to feel a good level of comfort.
Earns AAMI Level 2 protection and AAMI Level 2 Protection with PE Reinforcement

Surgical Gown (Sterile Packed with 2 O.T. Towel)
S.NO Size  Description
A Small Standard
B Medium Standard
C Large Standard
D X-Large Standard
E XX-Large Standard
F X-Large X-Long Standard
G Small Fabric Reinforced
H Medium Fabric Reinforced
I Large Fabric Reinforced
J X-Large Fabric Reinforced
K XX-Large Fabric Reinforced
L X-Large X-Long Fabric Reinforced
M Small PE Reinforced
N Medium PE Reinforced
O Large PE Reinforced
P X-Large PE Reinforced
Q XX-Large PE Reinforced
R X-Large X-Long PE Reinforced


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