Mayo Stand Cover

  • Mayo Stand Cover
Mayo Stand Cover (Product Code : 1801-1803)
We offer a full range of mayo stand covers in different sizes. Our range includes mayo stand cover reinforced, standard and double layer. Our mayo stand covers are highly resistant to wear and tear.
Having excellent adhesion to tissue, these covers provide superb sealing properties, together with extremely high tear resistance.



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S. No. Description
A Reinforced Mayo Stand Cover 60x140 cms 50x60 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement
B Reinforced Mayo Stand Cover 80x150 cms 70x75 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement
A Mayo Stand Cover 60x140 cms
B Mayo Stand Cover ReinforcedLarge 80x150 cms
C Back Table Cover 140x200 cms. 2 Ply, Absorbent + PE Film (Dual Layer)
D Back Table Cover 200x250 cms. 2 Ply, Absorbent + PE Film (Dual Layer)


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