Heavy Duty Wraps

Heavy Duty Wraps (Product Code : 2011-2015)
  • Suitable for packing of heavy equipments like basin sets, instrument sets, procedure trays and large linen packs.
  • CE marked and ISO 11607:2006 certified
  • They are made up of a special fabric called as SMMS which is lint resistant
  • It gives extra strength to the surgical packs and trays.
  • Helps to keep the packaged content free from the risk of any infection
  • Can be used quickly and easily yet being active to push the sterile effect
  •  Available in various sizes to fit every equipment


S. No. Pcs. per Box Sizes (cm)
A 500 pcs. 45x45 cm.
B 500 pcs. 50x50 cm.
C 500 pcs. 60x60 cm.
D 125 pcs. 75x75 cm.
E 125 Pcs. 90x90 cm.
F 125 pcs. 100x100 cm.
G 125 pcs. 120x120 cm.
H 75 pcs. 135x135 cm.


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