Fenestrated Drapes

Fenestrated Drapes (Product Code : 1236-1239)
  • It is defined as a drape which has a slit like or round opening in the centre.
  • At surgeons healthcare we have an amazing collection of such rapes
  • Hygienically manufactured using quality raw material which involves  surgical sheeting with built-in moisture barrier
  • Available in many sizes and can be customized as per the said specifications of the client
  • Manufactured under strict surveillance and assured under EN 13795 & AAMI PB 70 standards
  • It offers excellent and quick draping

Product Code Description Size
1236 Fenestrated Drape Small, Fenestration 6x8 cms. 2 Ply, Absorbent + PE Film 75x100 cms.
1237 Fenestrated Drape Medium, Fenestration 10x12 cms. 2 Ply, Absorbent + PE Film. 100x150 cms.
1238 Fenestrated Drape Large. Fenestration 15x25 cms. 2 Ply, Absorbent + PE Film 200x280 cms.
1239 Fenestrated Drape Large. Fen estration 15x25 cms. 3 Ply, Absorbent + PE Film . 200x280 cms.

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