DELIVERY PACK - I (Product Code : 1901)

Product Size : Universal

Surgeine drapes are developed to protect surgeons and patients.  
For general surgery procedures, Surgeine drapes offer maximum flexibility for surgical procedures. Designed for safety and convenience, resistant to tearing, strikethrough from alcohol and other solutions and abrasion, with secure attachment for line and tubes.
+ Lower lint than other drapes to reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission.
+ Also added option of fabric reinforcements designed to reduce instrument slippage and control fluid run-off.


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S. No. Description QTY
A Setup Cover 100x195 cms. 1 pc
B Under Buttock Drape 75x125 cms. with Fluid Collection Pouch 1 pc
C Abdominal Drape 100x150 cms. 35x35 cms. Absorbent Reinforcement 1 pc
D Baby Blanket 60x90 cms. 1 pc
E Leggings 75x120 cms., 15 cms. Cuff 2 pc
F Hand Towel 35x35 cms.  2 pc
G Gauge Swab 10x10 cms., 12 Ply  10 pc
H Cord Clamp  1 pc
I Bulb Syringe, 60 ml.  1 pc
J Vaginal Sponge  1 pc
K Placenta Basin  1 pc
L Maternity Pad 1 pc
M Back Table Cover 140x200 cms. 2 Ply, Absorbent+PE Film 1 pc


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