Camera Drape

  • Camera Drape
Camera Drape (Product Code : 1821-1823)

Product Size : Universal

We offer clients with a wide range of camera drape that suits the covering requirements of video camera and universal camera. Our camera drapes are widely used for arthroscopic and endoscopic applications.
These finest drapes are used for all arthroscopic and endoscopic applications. Theses canister-style drapes slide easily into position, with minimal contamination risk. We also customize our range as per the client’s specific requirements.


Shadow Shadow

S. No  Description
Video Camera Drape Camera Drape 13x250 cms.
A Telescopic Folding, Separate Tape Strip
B Reverse Telescopic Folding
Universal Camera Drape Camera Drape 18x250 cms
A Telescopic Folding, Separate Tape Strip


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