UROLOGY DRAPE SET (Product Code : 1001-1999)

Product Size : Universal

Solution a complete disposable kit for urology surgery, Surgeine SMMS disposable drape sets for Urosurgery provides streamlined infection barrier. The drape features emphatic fluid control with collection pouches for a scrawny working area and acute applications. The kit contains Drape, Plain Sheet, leggings, cautry bag, and trolly cover. The details of the same are mentioned below

S. No. Description Qty. Size
A TUR drape with  (5 cm x 5 cm circular fenestration) with waste collected pouch 1 PCS. 160  X 300 cms.
B Plain sheet 1 PCS. 160 X 200 cms.
C Leggings 2 PCS. 80 X 100 cms.
D Cautry bag 1 PCS. 40  X 40 cms.
E Trolly Cover Reinforced 1 PCS. 160 X 200 cms.


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