Surgical Gown Microcare

  • Surgical Gown Microcare
Surgical Gown Microcare (Product Code : 1081-1092)

Product Size : Small - Medium - Large - X-Large - XX-Large

  • This constitutes a special segment in designing of surgical gowns for long and high-risk surgeries where comfort if critical.
  • Made from unique breathable viral barrier fabric which is strong and smooth in its texture.
  • Provides an excellent protection against virus causing infectious diseases like, HIV/AIDS, influenza and etc.
  • Precisely made under the criteria of AAMI PB 70 Level 4 and high performance standards of EN 13795.
  • Limits fluids and viruses as small as 0.027 micron.
  • Either standard or special surgical gowns are fluorine chemical free, super soft and quietest impervious gown.
  • With great tensile strength as measured by ASTM grab criteria and tear-burst strength test methods.


Shadow Shadow

Surgical Gown (Sterile Packed with 2 O.T. Towel)
S. No Product Code Size Specification
A 1021 Small Standard
B 1022 Medium Standard
C 1023 Large. Standard
D 1024 X-Large Standard
E 1025 XX-Large Standard
F 1026 X-Large X-Long Standard
G 1027 Small Fabric Reinforced
H 1028 Medium Fabric Reinforced
I 1029 Large Fabric Reinforced
J 1030 X-Large Fabric Reinforced
K 1031 XX-Large Fabric Reinforced
L 1032 X-Large X-Long Fabric Reinforced
M 1033 Small PE Reinforced
N 1034 Medium PE Reinforced
O 1035 Large PE Reinforced
P 1036 X-Large PE Reinforced
Q 1037 XX-Large PE Reinforced
R 1038 X-Large X-Long PE Reinforced


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