SPLIT DRAPES (Product Code : Split)

Product Size : Universal

Manufactured from skyey quality raw material, with firm commitment of quality, we are provide comprehensive range of Split Drapes. Generously sized in medium, large and small to meet the diverse requisitions of our clients. Surgeine drapes are well known for their features as superior strength, fluid control ability, comfort and reliable adhesion, Owing  to these features, our disposable drapes are widely demanded by clinics, institutions and hospitals worldwide.


Shadow Shadow

S. No. Description
A Split Drape Small Size : 120x150 cms, 45 cms. Adhesive Slit 3 Ply, Absorbent + PE Film + Nonwoven
B Split Drape Medium Size : 160x200 cms, 65 cms. Adhesive Slit   Split Drape Large Size : 200x260 cms., 100 cms. Adhesive Slit 
C Split Drape Extra Large Size : 225x320 cms., 100 cms. Adhesive Slit 3 Ply, Absorbent + PE Film + Nonwoven
D Impervious Split Drape 140x175 cms. 10x50 cms. U Cut Adhesive Split


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