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Development of modern surgeries has led to a vast extent of specialization. Proper knowledge and technical skills are equally important along with the efficient tools and other equipment concerning the surgeries. This modern approach to surgery is usually targeted on an anatomical area of the body. The diagnosing and evaluation techniques are apportioned for a particular type of patients.
Otorhinolaryngology is one of the surgical specialties that deal with the diseases relevant to ears, nose, throat, and head and neck. The surgeons assist in recovering patients from hearing and balance impairment. Functional aspects of these organs and any trace of cancer in these organs are undertaken by the surgeons. 
The name that is attributed to this medical branch, 'otorhinolaryngology’ is further distributed into its three sub-specialities. 
Otology: This branch deals with the diseases and damages to the ear. It is focussed on improving the senses of hearing and balance. Surgeons treat the conditions in the middle and inner ear to ensure that they do not affect the brain.
Rhinology: It involves the treatment related to sinus and nasal disorders. The treatment helps in relieving the pain and improving the overall nasal function.
Laryngology: To ease the speech and swallowing functions, it treats the throat and larynx.
This medical branch of science also involves head and back surgery that includes various glands of the body as well. Facial plastics like a nose job, re-setting of the jaw and other such problems are also treatable under ENNT surgery. Problems associated with pediatrics are also covered under this category.
High-quality surgical drapes and kits ascertain the unsurpassed barricade against microbial passage in all surgical procedures. The single-use surgical drapes and kits are an important factor for the best performance of any clinical procedure. These drapes are available in varied categories ranging from disposable to reusable. 
• They are very important for ensuring the reduced postoperative wound infection rate. 
• They provide therapeutic benefit in clean and safe surgical operations. 
• Special drapes for every infection prone group are constructed differently.
This preoperative surgical drape system is very important for avoiding infections.
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