Liver Transplant Kit

  • Liver Transplant Kit
Liver Transplant Kit (Product Code : 1001-1999)

Product Size : Universal

Dr. Thomas Starzl of Denver, Colorado was first to perform Liver Transplant in the year 1963 on Human. Process of surgically replacing a failing or diseased liver with normal and healthy organ is done in liver transplantation. There are typically Acute Liver Failure or Chronic liver failure are the conditions which led to Liver transplant procedures. Surgeine Healthcare Liver transplant kits are designed considering all aspects of the procedures.


Shadow Shadow

S. No. Description Qty.
A Reinforce wrap around gown 3 pcs
B Hand towel 3 pcs
C Large sheet 1 pcs
D Screen sheet 1 pcs
E Medium sheet 4 pcs
F Trolley sheet 1 PCS
G Mayo cover 1 PCS
H Cautry bag 1 PCS
I Adhesive tape 2 PCS


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