Kidney Transplant Kit

  • Kidney Transplant Kit
Kidney Transplant Kit (Product Code : 1001-1999)

Product Size : Universal

Surgeon Yuriy Voroniy in the Soviet Union was the first to attempt human kidney transplant. Kidney or Renal transplantation is done when kidney function declines to a certain level or patients have end-stage renal disease and require either dialysis or transplantation to sustain their life. Kidney transplant kits by Surgein Healthcare are appreciated and used in various government and private institutions for its reliability and ease of use. 


Shadow Shadow

S. No. Description Qty.
A Reinforce wrap around gown 5 PCS
B Absorbent hand wipe 5 PCS
C Top sheet 5 PCS
D Stretch 10 PCS
E Leggings 3 PCS
F Mayo cover 1 PCS
G Disposable bag 1 PCS


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