Ahlstrom AutoCollect Card

  • Ahlstrom AutoCollect Card
Ahlstrom AutoCollect Card (Product Code : AutoCollect)

Product Size : N/A

This card is designed for microvolume sampling, transport and short-term storage of dried blood spot (DBS). Handling at ambient temperature for best results. Fiber-based material is untreated and made according to the highest standards in manufacturing in order to get a high purity product. Card has a cassette format with a high stiffness fitting with main sample preparation automated equipment available on the market.


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Product Cards/Pack Sample areas/card Max. Vol loaded/sample area(μl) Ref. Number Sample type Max. storage Applications
Ahlstrom AutoCollect 100 4 20 8.560.0003.B-N Saliva, Buccal Cells, Urine, Plasma To be defined based on the targeted analyte Protein-based analysis, HIV monitoring, viral load testing, deficiency diagnostic, drugs monitoring, infectious disease diagnostic, pharmaceutical agents monitoring

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