just a brief overview

For a quality and assured services in the medical industry, certain specified norms fulfil each procedure to ensure the safety and high level manufacturing practices. Being certified in the field of expertise and then maintaining the standards with every new updation ensure the seriousness and dedication of the company both towards the clients and external environment.

At surgeons, we make sure to compile every process according to the laid down standards which are recognized globally

  1. We are a Certified Export House (approved by Govt. of India)
  2. For quality assurance, we maintain the following mentioned standards:
    1. ISO 9001:2008 (Manufacturing of disposable clothing)
    2. ISO 13485:2012 (Covers design and development, manufacturing and sales of disposable operation room wears, disposable equipment covers, disposable infection prevention products and sterilization control products)
    3. EC Certificate No 080821 QS/NB (For disposable surgical wears, it applies to the quality and manufacturing processes)
    4. We maintain CE Marking for products
    5. Applied for F.D.A recognition
    6. Certificate No 080818 V/ITC (ensures the safety of products)
    7. We are certified for Good Manufacturing Practices of disposable surgical products
    8. We are certified by European Standards (EN 13795) and AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation)
    9. Certified for high-level packaging (ISO 11607-1:2006)

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